Bible Story Telling

30 06 2011

When Sam Chan was up for the SMBC Mission week we had plenty of discussions about a method of Bible study he referrred to as ‘Bible story telling.’  He led one of our Growth Groups in a study on Isaiah 55 and people raved about it. One person said to me it was the first time she understood something from Isaiah. I tried not to take that personally considering they had heard me preach a number of sermons on Isaiah. Anyway I am exploring this method to try it with a Growth Group I am starting next month.

Here’s a link to a talk by John Gill. Sam learnt this method from him.


Tim Keller on the ‘Story of Jesus’

16 04 2011

This is well worth watching

What is the ‘missional’ church

11 02 2010

A sweet & bitter providence

7 01 2010

The reality of the Christian life is that it is a winding and narrow path. This is something I am slowly discovering and so discovering Jesus is for me at every step.

The Trellis and the Vine

29 12 2009

This is an excellant book on ministry. A book that wonderfully captures the heart of simple Biblical Gospel ministry. It is so refreshing to read such a book.

Eternal source of light

15 12 2009

One of my favourite pieces of music.

“Eternal source of light divine,

With double warmth Thy beams display,

And with distinguished glory shine,

To add a lustre to this day.”


Jesus you are worthy…

4 09 2009