Tips from Rod Irvine on how to spend time in the week

8 11 2010

4 areas to spend time on each weel as the lead pastor:-
1. Vision
2. Money
3. Staff
4. Elders

Others tips on how and where to lead and care for people:
1. Peretto Principle of Pastoral Leadership – 80% of advances come from 20% of time. So make sure you spend time with people who will be or are leaders.
2. Birthdays – know everyone’s birthdays. Call them on their birthdays and pray for them.
3. Time after church – spend time with people you wouldn’t or couldn’t otherwise through the week and pray for them.
4. Thankyou notes – write thankyou notes to anyone you see serving.
5. Phone calls – a 10 minute phone call is a long phone and so phone calls are a good use of time with people. Whereas a 30 minute visit is a short visit. Make lots of phone calls.
6. De facto leader – there is always at least one ‘de facto’ leader in a church. Look out for who it is and spend time with them.
5. First 5 years – As the lead pastor you are on trial for the the first 5 years so make everything you do count. Or in other words make sure anything you do works.


Church Fundraising Help from Rod Irvine

13 10 2010

Today I had a long phone conversation with Rod Irvine who was the Senior Pastor of Figtee Anglican Church. He is now spending alot of time being generous to blokes like me who have little idea of how to apply what they know from the Bible to ‘running a church’ and leading a church into the future for the sake of King Jesus.

Here’s some of what he shared with me in regards to raising funds for the mission of Jesus.

There are 3 different aspects to fundraising:-

1. Raising finances from the week by week giving.

2. Raising finances for ‘projects’ that flow out of a long term ‘vision’ for each year.
This involves asking people to give an amount of their giving above and beyond thier weekly giving.

3. Raising finances for a Building Project. This is raising a larger amount of money for capital works. It is good to only do this every 2-3 years.

The first two of these are done at the same time in the year at a ‘Commitment Day’ which is preceded by a 5-6 week teaching series on Sundays on ‘commitment.’ Every talk is not on financial giving but one is the Sunday before the ‘commitment day.’ Rod would have commitment on the second Sunday of November. A key element over the teaching series is showing videos featuring the ‘projects’ for the year. It is important these are fun or even funny. Other elements include brochures; bible studies; daily journal notes; notices in newsletters; letters; visiting groups and individuals.

People give out of ‘different pockets of money.’ Some will give to ‘missions’ and some to ‘the building.’ So that’s means if you don’t have a building ‘project’ people who would tend to give to this will give to another project. That just won’t give to projects. Some of the key ‘project’ categories are ‘childrens ministry’; building maintenance; evangelism; youth and compassion (giving to those in need). An particularly important category is ‘Our church our ministry.’ This is about the overall ministry of the whole church include all that is going on the weekly life of the church.

It is important to start thinking at the beginning of the year about possible projects for the next year. Settle on the porjects by June. Commitment series in October with ‘Commitment Day’ in November. November and December giving and pledges trickle in and thankyou letters go out.

Another thing along the way was to have the ‘most influential’ person in the church to get up and endorse the whole concept.

Ignore ‘sqawkers.’ Initially there will be people who are negative about the concept. Over time this will stop and most of the time these are the people who don’t give anything anyway.

Teaching stewardship or giving is not a money issue but a discipleship issue. It is about growing people’s trust in God.

Sharing the vision is the key. Talking about wanting to win the community for Jesus as the goal and that the giving will help acheive that goal.

Examples of  ‘Commitment Series’ can be found here:-
‘Faithful’ Series

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