S7300475I am called by God and saved by Jesus. God has enabled me by His Spirit to be the man, husband, father and pastor He made me to be. Resting in this I humbly strive to use the means of grace of the Bible, prayer and Chrisitian brothers and sister to turn my life into a life of praise and worship to Jesus. Some days I’m entangled by my own sinful nature; some days distracted by the world and some tempted by Satan but by the power of the Spirit I am running the race towards the goal of an inheritance Jesus has purchased for me.

God has given me the gift of a wonderul wife and three beautiful daughters for relationships in which to live in and also means of grace to humbly break and mould me to be more like Christ each day. God has also given the gift of being the pastor of Lakeshore Community Church of Christ to shepherd and be shepherded by alongside the Elders.


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4 09 2009
Alistair Bain

Hi mate.

Love the blog. I’ll put it on the sidebar on my own blog if you don’t mind.



13 01 2010


Somehow I randomly stumbled across this site and clicked to see if it was the same LT I’d met through friends and Sydney circles… and there you have it!

I just wanted to let you know that I’ve been reading and will continue to do so (I always figure it’s nice to know when and who is reading) and that I’m finding the snippets really encouraging.

I’m OS at the moment so it’s great to have a site like this to come to, have a quick read and then keep pondering on throughout the day for encouragement…

I hope this finds you and your family well and delighting in serving Him,


15 01 2010

Hey Jodie,
Thanks for taking the time to respond and give feedback. It is encouraging to know people (or at least 1 person) are reading.
Our family is enjoying the summer and serving Jesus with joy.

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