Who is in control of my life?

27 11 2010

This is part of what I shared in a recent sermon from James 4:13-5:11.

This week I had some bad news about my health. I have Rheumatoid Arthritis and the specialist has been telling me that because we caught the disease early and I am on medication which has shut down the symptoms that the future is good. This week he told me that one of my fingers is deformed even though he said that wouldn’t happen. Also my liver tests are showing signs of my liver being intolerant to the medication that is keeping the symptoms under control. That was a major blow for me. How foolish of me to entrust myself to the specialist. Yes he may know more about my health than I do but he is no more in control of my body than I am. It is God who is in control of my body and so I should entrust myself to him. It has been another oppurtunity to be reminded that my life is in God’s hand not mine and so I need to be constantly dependant upon Him.

It is possible for us as Christians to fall into practical atheism, we say we believe in God but we act as though we don’t. And what has James been saying through the whole book? Belief must be seen in actions.

What have you planned lately? Did you consider whether it was God’s will for you? Did you examine the Bible as you planned? Did you submit the plans to God in prayer? Did you take time out to pray about it?

What action have you taken lately? Did you consider whether it was God’s will? Did you take time out to pray?

God is in control and we are not. We must submit all of our lives to him. I have freshly learnt this lesson.




4 responses

27 11 2010

LT, I thank God for the example of your love for Jesus and your faith in him, even in hardship. May God give you a growing joy and satisfaction in him, strength to persevere, and wisdom as you seek to live for Him.

27 11 2010

I am so so saddened by this latest news, L-T, and my thoughts & prayers are with you and Belinda. I thank God for your willingness to share your struggles and for what He has been teaching you and us through your suffering. Your courage is truly inspiring. Thank you for pointing us to Jesus so that in in all things, especially our hardships, we may also remember that God is in control and sovereign. Bless you, brother.

27 11 2010
Gordon Cheng

Hey LT that is tough news. May God continue to enable you and the rest of the family to persevere

28 11 2010
Rhys Old

LT, sorry to hear that – we are praying for you. And thanks for sharing how you are continuing to entrust yourself to our heavenly Father. Our times are in his hands.

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