Tips from Rod Irvine on how to spend time in the week

8 11 2010

4 areas to spend time on each weel as the lead pastor:-
1. Vision
2. Money
3. Staff
4. Elders

Others tips on how and where to lead and care for people:
1. Peretto Principle of Pastoral Leadership – 80% of advances come from 20% of time. So make sure you spend time with people who will be or are leaders.
2. Birthdays – know everyone’s birthdays. Call them on their birthdays and pray for them.
3. Time after church – spend time with people you wouldn’t or couldn’t otherwise through the week and pray for them.
4. Thankyou notes – write thankyou notes to anyone you see serving.
5. Phone calls – a 10 minute phone call is a long phone and so phone calls are a good use of time with people. Whereas a 30 minute visit is a short visit. Make lots of phone calls.
6. De facto leader – there is always at least one ‘de facto’ leader in a church. Look out for who it is and spend time with them.
5. First 5 years – As the lead pastor you are on trial for the the first 5 years so make everything you do count. Or in other words make sure anything you do works.




4 responses

8 11 2010
dave miers

really useful. thanks LT and rod!

27 11 2010


Were did you get this from?


27 11 2010

I recently spent some time with Rod in Brisbane. I asked him this question and that is the summary of his answer.

27 11 2010

Cool. Thanks.

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