Church Simplicity

3 08 2009

I have been doing a little but of thinking and reading about making church less complicated and with less programmes. It is so easy to make church life busy with all the best intentions of doing all we can for everyone we can to keep them cared for or catered for. Here is a helpful blog entry on Simplicity that has some good thoughts. Dave Browning’s blog is helpful. He has also written a book called Delibrate Simplicity.




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3 08 2009

Hi LT,
Thanks for setting up a helpful blog/resource. Will be sure to bookmark it and drop in regularly.
I found another book called ‘Simple Church’ helpful in this regard also. It’s basically the results of a research project into what seems to make healthy, disciple-making churches. “Saying ‘no’ to almost everything” is one chapter I particularly needed to read and continue to try and apply in ministry.
Check it out:

Trust you and the family are keeping well mate,

3 08 2009

Hey Chris,
2 people have now read the blog. Wow! Glad you found it helpful. I’ve read that book as well. It seems this is a wave of thinking that is going through some churches because I have spoken to a few guys who are thinking through this. There is always the well known acronym – KISS.
My family is sick at the moment but thanks for asking.


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